About Us

Sudan , That country extends in a large area has a huge animal wealth which is estimated by 130 mollion heads of different types of domastic animals (cattle, sheep and camel), This reality leads to the evolution of Bash Pharma pharmacutical company as the 1st manufacturer of vet products ,in addtion to the production of ear ,nasel and eye drops for human consumption. The kick off of the factory started in the year 2012

Our Vision

We make every effort and thought to not plant is the pioneer in the practical applications of exploratory provide solutions to meet the needs of different customers and exceed their expectations, it uses the minds and energies for the application of the principles of excellence and the overall quality and technical development and achieving the wishes of the customer management).

Our Mission

To maintain the continuity and improvement and development of health services in humans, animals and the production of high quality drugs with acceptable prices

Our Values

Concern for human health, commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards in recognition of the human cadre factor and scalability for more creativity, and meet the challenges with confidence, promote an open and modern management actor respects the privacy of individual ability and teamwork, dealing with a wide range of customers, ideas and partners profession corporate culture in daily practices and processes, attention to the environment, the spirit of dealing, respect and speed of delivery, trust and credibility keys to the success of the stage to another with flourishing work. Bash Pharma plant based on the best technologies that meet the conditions of good manufacturing practice identified by the World Health Organization.

Factory Goals

► To provide basic veterinary medicines and eye drops with high quality and favorable prices and using the best technology the most efficient human resources and attract them to the field of medicine industry.
► To make every effort n order to meet the needs of the local market, and regional and global markets for the provision of foreign currencies, which supports the country’s economy and provides jobs for many of the national cadres.